March 21, 2014

Mr Serbinin took up our case in court from another lawyer.He worked with us in the most time/money saving ways.We were able to send documents via email/post versus in person saving us a trip and savings on gas.He never missed a session,kept us informed and worked with us on payments.As case was length, on several occasions when i needed to touch base with him by email/phone call .He always responded and i got encouragement remarks from him every time.Our case had multiple paper trial and all of my family agreed that he was the most organised and neat lawyer we had worked with.The first time we met him was at a court date and it seemed we had seen him before.He was so warm towards us,had no trouble understanding my accent and gave us clear guidance and clear explanations of what our outcome meant, each time after court.Once,when he couldn’t be at court because of prior commitment,he gave us another good lawyer to represent him. I am so thankful to Mr Serbinin and to Serbinin Law firm! I am so thankful to God that i was represented by him.Thank you Mr Serbinin. I have passed on his contact information to who ever asked me if i knew a good lawyer.I highly recommend him.It is very clear that he is a seasoned Lawyer who knows what needs to be done.The smile on his photo is real.He is very gracious and consistent.He is not discouraged by hindrances.Many times when i got frustrated and discouraged,he encouraged me.He also gave us good discounts on documents they had to print out at their firm.I have enjoyed a considerate and patient lawyer.We got victory both in court and the rest of immigration procedure.Its my pleasure and delight to give this review.if you hire him,you will have the same,good remarks!Excellent job Mr Serbinin! Thank you again!