Family immigration is based on immediate relative petitions for spouses, children or parents of the U.S. Citizens. It is a relatively straight forward process with one main difference of whether the beneficiary is in the United States or Outside the United States. If the first case Petitioner is filing and Adjustment of Status Application (I-485) along with Immediate Relative Petition (I-130) or "One Step." In the second case Petitioner is filing Immediate Relative Petition and after payment of certain fees to U.S. State Department electronically filing immigrant visa application. Once beneficiary collects all the paperwork U.S. Consulate abroad schedules immigrant visa interview with beneficiary. 

Non-immediate relatives such as brothers, sisters, grown up children with or without their own families are also eligible for immigrant visas however they have to wait for the visa number from U.S. Department of State to become available. This process can take a short time and a very long time depending on clients' preference category and country of residency. Waiting times for different preference categories, both employment and family based are listed and constantly being updated by U.S. Department of State. 

In yet some other cases a U.S. Citizen relatives can help their not U.S. resident family member to prevent from being removed (deported) from the United States.This removal defense is available under various circumstances to both, permanent residents and undocumented  persons for various humanitarian reasons. 

Special Class Immigrants: There are also options in cases where clients don't have any money to sponsor its own business or any relatives to help from being removed.