Serbinin Law Firm LLC is located in Boulder Colorado and provides legal services to a diverse client base located all over the world, all with unique circumstances and from dissimilar cultural backgrounds and ethnicities. Our team specializes in Immigration Law, International Business Transactions, Corporate Practices.


Employment VISA    









Smart and profitable solutions for medium and small business. E2, H1B, L1A/B, O, P visas.

Immigrant VISA









We never stop working for your success, every single day! EB1, EB2 (NIW), EB3, EB5 categories of immigrant visas. If you have an immediate U.S. Citizen relative such as parent, spouse or a child you may be eligible for an immigrant visa right a way without waiting in a preference category. 

Business Toolbox









Incorporation/Business Organizational Documentation/Tax/Banking Solutions 

About us 

The focus of our practice is on Business Immigration Matters including Investor/Treaty Trader and Entrepreneur/Transferee Visas. 

Our flexible business model offers “in-house” counsel without actual office or salary in-house. It allows us to provide quality legal services at a significant savings to our clients. This model includes intimate business relations and knowledge of clients’ ongoing legal and business matters. Most recurring legal and consulting services that we provide to our business clients do not require the expensive fully-staffed offices of larger law firms and monthly retainers. In rare complicated matters the firm hires a contract specialist to accomplish the task at hand. We let our clients decide how much spending for legal services they need. In the existing economic environment, this model of legal services inevitably brings our clients savings to the bottom line.

Payment Option


  Service 01: Employment (nonimmigrant) Visas

  Service 02: Immigrant Visas

  Service 03: Investor/Entrepreneur Solutions    

  Service 04: In House Partner Services

  Service 05: Civil Litigation

  Service 06: Family Immigration/Removal Defense